No alcohol*  / No artificial flavours / Less Sugar
Fewer Calories / Looks good & Is Better for You


Nozeco Brut

Vinification : Nozeco is an alcohol-free* sparkling drink
made from alcohol-removed wine. To get rid of the alcohol, we use a state-of-the-art process allowing us to keep the aromas intact.

With its subtle hints of citrus fruits, this very refreshing sparkling drink will perfectly pair with a lovely aperitif or desserts such as a lemon tart or a fruit salad.

  • Alcohol content: *<0.5% BY VOL
  • Calories per 250ml glass: 70 (28 per 100ml)

Colour: Pale yellow and elegant colour with fine bubbles.
Nose: Expressive, with intense fruity notes, dominated by white flowers and muscated white grapes.
Palate: Well-balanced with a good structure and a fresh finish.


Recommendations: ideal as an aperitif or for parties, Nozeco Brut can also be enjoyed with desserts like a lemon tart or a fruit salad.
Best served ice cold.